Tun Yun (Reunion) (Framed) - Wendy Leung

Wendy Leung

Tun Yun (Reunion) (Framed)

60 x 40 cmPrint on canvas (Framed)
Chinese New Year to me means family reunion (tūn yûn). Chinese sweet dumpling (toñg yuen) sounds like tūn yûn, although we don’t usually eat toñg yuen in Chinese New Year, but it represents family members reuniting and spending time together during this happy time of the year.

During Chinese New Year, all family members get together, although nowadays many have relatives living all over the world, but we try our best to find a chance to get together and we value this even more.

Family is like a tree, a backbone to support us. In the Pacific Model of Mental Health, Fonofale, Family is one factor that contribute to one’s mental health. I think whether it’s biological, or familylike, it’s ones valuable asset to celebrate.

Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate each other.