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Satta Massa Gana (highwarp tapestry - 2010)

54 × 220 cm

Highwarp Tapestry - Barga yarn; Mattgarn yarn;Bockens Linvarptrad warp


"The intrinsic interconnectedness of ephemeral street art and reggae-hiphop musical subcultures are interpreted in high warp tapestry after the “wild style” genre. The Abyssinians' landmark Rastafari hymn “Satta Massa Gana” (give thanks and praise) draws deeply on Old Testament biblical reference and is sung in part in ancient Amharic. Originally recorded for Coxson Dodd at Studio 1, 1969 (he didn't adhere to the Rasta content) it wasn't released until 1971 under the Abyssinians' own label “Clinch” where it was an instant hit. "