Reflection III - You Soothe My Soul - Kenneth W H Lee

Kenneth W H Lee

Reflection III - You Soothe My Soul

910 x 910 x 35 mmoils/wood panel
Finance with ArtMoney interest-free $330/month for 10 months."Embarked on new wood panel piece this evening at the studio...with a delicious Torbreck Shiraz and some jazz to accompany creating this new piece which was inspired by last visit to the Pacific Dunes golf course with the lads just north of Nelson Bay on our quarterly jaunts, with amazing ponds as water hazards of these stunning water lilies. Not only makes for a challenging round of golf as a single marker but adds to the serene beauty of the landscape as we navigate the course with attempts to create the perfect round. This forms part of the “Reflection Series" (of three pieces) which one of the original piece has now made ready for wholesale print on lifestyle goods - thanks to ArtSHINE @artshinelicensing."