Tower of Babble - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

Tower of Babble

27 x 20cmBlue cobalt oxide on white stoneware. Clear glaze. Kintsugi repair to top vessel. Painted wooden stand
Finance with ArtMoney interest-free $100/month for 10 months.

Based on Chinese Altar offering vessels and richly decorated on all sides, these vessels have variations of a Peony design in traditional blue cobalt oxide.

In the bowls of the vessels are messages of support and luck that are revealed when they are uncovered.

The top vessel has been repaired with the Japanese kintsugi technique. The Phoenix, a symbol of good luck and renewal, rises above a branch bearing fruit – a COVID virus.

The vessel has been cracked during production and has been repaired with gold – like us, it is still beautiful but things will never be the same again.