(Framed) Your choice 1 : poison - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

(Framed) Your choice 1 : poison

41.5 x 24.5 cmFramed: 41.5 x 24.5 cm(Framed) Watercolour and gouache on Arches paperSoldI’m quite famous for my temper. I think my life’s motto would be: bite first and rip your arm off… apologise later.

But I’m learning empathy: I learnt to see a different angle when I met my birth mother and started interacting with adoptive parents, and other adoptees. I began to appreciate the way my own family was and how we are.

I’m hoping that the distrust that sometimes happens between the three groups can be minimised and all voices of the Adoption triad will be heard.Our stories and lives are different yet we share the common thread of having our lives touched by adoption.

Henbane was used in ancient times as a mind altering drug but is also known to be lethal. Apparently it is this plant rather than mushrooms that is thought to have induced the legendary rage of ‘beserkers’.Those darn Vikings eh.