“Don’t ask me why” #2 - Siamese fighting fish series - Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas

“Don’t ask me why” #2 - Siamese fighting fish series

28 x 23 cmFramed: 28 x 23 cm(Framed) Watercolour and gouache on Arches paperSoldSiamese fighting fish (betta), males are the colourful ones in the species.

Territorial and extremely aggressive towards other males, they tend to be loners.
They apparently can be connected to the protection of boundaries in relationships. They are a warrior spirit and can symbolize solitude and the confrontation of the ego.

As adoptees many of us fall into the role of ‘pleasers’ so we don’t hurt or offend other people. We put our own feelings aside or hide things if we know they might hurt our families and friends.

We are strong.