Wood Dog - Open Edition Print – Signed by Artist (A3 Unframed) - Chris Chun

Chris Chun

Wood Dog - Open Edition Print – Signed by Artist (A3 Unframed)

42 x 29.7cmAwagami Fine Art Paper
The Wood Dog is confident, righteous and trustworthy always making a good impression wherever they go. Under the influence of the element of Wood, she is enchanting, warm-hearted and even-tempered, who, despite his candor and wariness of strangers, will form close and lasting relationships with those she chooses to love. Once this sign decides to trust someone, that person can be assured of having a loyal and trustworthy companion for life. Despite their confidence, they are not the greatest at socializing. They dislike attending large social gatherings or parties and would prefer a quiet meal with friends. In case of the Wood Dog, there is an added requirement of familiar and safe surroundings since frequent changes and unpredictability can upset the emotional equilibrium of this Dog. Born in 1934 (Feb. 14, 1934 –Feb. 03, 1935) and 1994 (Feb. 10, 1994 –Jan. 30, 1995)