The hypnotic eyes - Limited Edition of 6 - Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

The hypnotic eyes - Limited Edition of 6

84 x 69 cmMixed Media
This piece reveals a little about how my mind works. Like everything, it all starts with one or many ideas. The idea is not to let them overtake you. You will always learn more than you’re capable of sharing in your work. Most of us just want to paint what we love. What we love is not as important as how we can connect with people through our work. In my journey of paying homage to women. There is nothing better than honouring them in art. I like to achieve a sense of nostalgia. Many layers of ideas and colours.

Here I have an onscreen beauty in her feather costume, mimicking the life of another being. She is perched on a vintage camera in the shape of a house. The foundation of most dreams and aspirations. This really shows the vulnerability of the film industry. The light sepia and natural tones in this painting take you back in time. But it also gives you a perspective on how it all starts with a blank canvas before everything comes to life.