Song Dynasty (960–1127) - Double Happiness - Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

Song Dynasty (960–1127) - Double Happiness

Framed: 40 x 30 cmWatercolour on CanvasSoldEach Double Happiness painting is in a different dynasty. This the Gold Yellow - Yellow corresponding to earth and symbolizes royalty and is reserved for the Emperor. The first Emperor of China was known as the Yellow Emperor.

This bride and groom are Royalty in the Song Dynasty. The Groom is always older and frail in stature. This is the dynasty that began the whole Lotus foot saga!

I framed this couple in Bamboo and Pomegranate with Double Happiness Lantern, a pair of lotus shoes and a bird seems to be pecking into the bamboo as the couple are poised and ready for their wedding day