Sacrificial Beauty - Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

Sacrificial Beauty

Framed: 84 x 60 cmDigital painting
A journey filled with tradition and beauty, and a lot of anguish and pain! This act of beauty is often created by the opposite sex and forced on an image they see as beautiful. Forced submission and filled with immense inferior complex! We always yearn to be something we cannot be! Many issues were created due to small minds turning it into a media of big dilemmas too many generations and even escalating through dynasties.

It is about the status of the fertile and desirable woman. You will marry and have lots of children. Your wealth and happiness will be all for you and your family. Your future generations will benefit from your sacrifices. Your sacrifices will better your chances to become a sophisticated woman with all the riches in the world. There are many and much more traumatic hardships that are created to control the weaker sex.

This painting was not to point out the actual act itself but just how far they will go, and the sacrifices, yet people will still practice these extremities! We all know the horrors and its results. This reminds us we can fall into all influences and tortures created by others.

I have painted the lilies in different shades as the most common meaning of lilies is purity and fertility. The lily flower's sweet and innocent beauty has given it the association of fresh life and rebirth. But it also can be the flower of death!