Lighting the Green Lantern - Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

Lighting the Green Lantern

Framed: 73 x 53 cmWater colour and ink on archival paperSoldLike most things in the modern world, if things are popular, they go viral. This painting is of a dancer lighting up the green lantern! The lantern is painted with Celadon scrolls. The Golden Lotus shoe is placed on the bottom belly of the lantern. When lit, it radiates on to the majestic plant! In its soft flickering light, it attracts lovebirds and all different butterflies! The tree will glow like little fairy lights.

This is based on the Dancer Yi Nang, the Emperor and her Lotus shoe! The majestic tree is the Emperor and his people!

This is how the ritual stays alight through dynasties! Surging rumours, greed and expectation.