A lady in waiting - Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

A lady in waiting

Framed: 53 x 43 cmWater colour and ink on archival paper
All young girls want to marry into a wealthy family. The pressure of living back then was difficult, and a lot harder to have good options. The only way was to follow what is rumoured as quickest out of poverty. So when there is news to improve your chances, people will sacrifice everything for a better life!

So when the trend of binding your feet became popular, a gift of a pair of Lotus shoes was very popular but the receiver never really knows what is in for them! I remember watching films and saw how people cherished a pair of shoes given to them!

In this painting, a young Ming lady is waiting with gifts she received from her parents for her special day! She is blessed with a gold vase displayed with juicy plump pomegranates. She is admiring these gifts and loves sharing these fruits with her pet bird! All symbolism for better fortune and happier times ahead!