PATIENCE - Adam Graham

Adam Graham


26 x 20 x 10 cmSteelSoldNative American headdresses were typically created using a leather headband that would often be embellished with beadwork and feathers then bound with leather. 

Feathers from fallen indigenous birds were added to the headband over a period of time as the recipient committed an act of bravery and the warrior would prepare himself to receive this honour by engaging in days of meditation and fasting. 

This tradition displays how meaningful it was for the wearer that had earned the headdress and it was considered a great honour to wear one of these beautiful pieces of art.

The headdress is a well-known symbol of strength and bravery that was awarded only to the bravest and powerful of the tribe.

This piece is made from scrap metal and sits proudly on a beautiful raw timber log. It represents a warrior fasting during meditation preparing to receive his next feather.