Sally Walsh

Sally Walsh

Artist’s Statement

Sally Walsh | Sillier Than Sally
I am a Sydney (AUS) born & based professional water colour & mixed media artist, muralist and art teacher. I am an overseas adventure addict, a champion of bright colours, shenanigan starter & a collector of all things vintage….with slight hoarding/magpie tendencies.

What rocks my boat?
Bear hugs, laughing till my sides about burst, dancing like there is no tomorrow, spending quality one on one time with animals, a bloody good storm, being in “my flow” and painting in my studio into the wee hours of the morning, my beautiful 3 year old son (who has sneakily and completely stolen my heart), my lovely and over logical hubby, & of course – a fine wine. Ha! Who am I kidding…it does not have to be fine!

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  • Sally Walsh

    Twilight Owl (Framed)

    Water colour on art paper