Rebekah Mazzocato

Rebekah Mazzocato


Rebekah is a Sydney-based artist who loves shapes and puns. Through mixed media she creates artworks exploring the iconography of the human figure. Recently she has been taking inspiration from the Australian Impressionists, and experimenting with the application of texture in her work.

She leads workshops at the Sydney Comics Guild, previous topics including theories of humour, and perspective techniques. She was involved in Comic Con-Versation 2018, being part of a Comics Lab and leading a workshop about Character Design.
She illustrated Dinkus and Dongle, a comic about the quirks and oddities of the comic medium. It was published weekly in the University of Sydney’s newspaper; Honi Soit, which she also contributed editorial illustrations for. She has sold her work at conventions and zine fairs throughout Australia, including the MCA Zine Fair, Supernova, Impact Comics Festival and National Young Writers’ Festival.

She studied events design at Design Center Enmore and receive a Diploma in Visual Arts at the Production Art Department. She also completed two mentorships with Anthony Jones and Jennifer Ely, where she further honed her skills.
Currently she is completing a digital painting masterclass with Evan Shippard.

She is a fan of contemporary artists working in animation, such as Nico Marlet and Grace Liu, particularly for their ability to make their characters feel dynamic and alive. Rebekah hopes to one day achieve the same with her work.

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  • Rebekah Mazzocato


    Digital Art

    34.5 × 53 cm