Helen Dubrovich

Helen Dubrovich

  • Artist’s Statement


    TALES FROM MY TRAVELS -"Passport, paint, and picture”

    5 - 24 March 2018
    Opening Reception: Saturday 10 March 2018. 1 -3 pm

    Travel and painting. Both things that I love to do. The travel bit came about when I was around twelve years of age and I was taking private lessons in painting with my first art teacher, a Russian artist that my father knew.

    My teacher told me stories about when he had travelled to so many lands, seen so many cultures and so many people. My teacher was the one who put the idea into my head that I needed to travel and see the world and see how other people lived.

    When I married in my early twenties I flew to Europe with my husband and travelled for three months from London to the Scandinavian countries, throughout Europe and down to Turkey. Later we flew to Japan and fell in love with that country returning again and again.

    Later, when I was on my own I travelled to Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia and the list goes on. I had the travel bug. I planned trips when I was still working and that was what got me through the days. The planning was part of the joy. I took a massive amount of photos which I used as references for my paintings later on. Often using a number of photos and making a composite to suit the painting I wanted to create.

    When I was asked to do another solo show I had no idea what to paint. But when I thought about it I realised I wanted to share my travels over the years but through my paintings and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So appropriately I’ve called this solo show “My Watercolour World”. Enjoy the show.

  • Biography

    Helen Dubrovich, born in Germany of Russian parents, migrated to Australia when she was three. When quite young Helen started to travel overseas and this influenced her work which is quite eclectic. Helen has chosen to work in a variety of mediums with various subject matter, rather than sticking to one genre as she felt staying with one type of subject and one medium would lead to boredom not only to herself but to her viewers.

    Helen studied art at East Sydney Technical College and photography, then started a career in this medium after completing the Photography Certificate at Ultimo T.A.F.E.
    She pursued her career in photography but found little time to paint during this period.

  • Influences

    Helen’s interest in art was reawakened again after travelling extensively overseas and she resumed painting realizing this was her true passion.

    Further studies included certificates in art, ceramics and weaving at Gymea Technical College as well as numerous workshops in Australia and overseas.

    Helen has always loved the Impressionists which influenced her work but has also been open to learning new techniques which she has incorporated into her work. Working in oils and watercolor, depicting various subjects, she then started to expand into acrylics and pastels. Her work has been shown at various exhibitions over the years and Helen continues to strive to bring variety to her work which encompasses images which are imaginative, at times romantic and colorful.

  • Awards

    • 2012 Sutherland Shire Art Society 39th Annual Art Exhibition – 2nd prize portraits and nudes

    • 2012 Sutherland Shire Art Society – 2nd Prize mixed media

    • 2012 St George Art Society Artwork of the month October

    • 2013 St George Art Society People’s Choice -March

    • 2013 St George Art Society People’s Choice – July

    • 2013 St George Art Society Artwork of the month October

    • 2013 Maritime Museum CASS Finalist

    • 2014 Maritime Museum CASS exhibition

    • 2014 Continuum Art Society exhibition Highly Commended
    • 2015 Art On Board Commpetion -ArtSHINE Gallery - Highly Commended

  • Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibitions

    2016 March
    "Memories of Bali"
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    2014 December
    2015 January
    Bundanoon Club, Southern Highlands

    Group Exhibitions

    2015 March
    "Colour Spectrum"
    Group Show
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    2015 January
    Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition, Australian Maritime Museum

    St George Art Society Annual Awards and Exhibition, Kogarah

    Tempe House Art Exhibition, Tempe

    Drummoyne Art Society Exhibition, Drummoyne

    Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition, Australian Maritime Museum

    Continuum Showcase, Hazelhurst, Gymea

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  • Helen Dubrovich

    Tropical Night
    83 x 63 cm Watercolour Sold
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Secret Garden
    91 x 61 cm Acrylic and Ink Sold
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Master Carver
    68 x 63 cm Pastels $850.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    57 x 74 cm Watercolour on Arches paper 300 gsm $850.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Dusk Near Sofala
    57 x 74 cm Watercolour on Arches paper 300 gsm $850.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    61 x 47.5 cm Water colour and acrylic on canvas $850.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Serenity in the Garden of Peace
    76 x 61 cm Acrylic and Ink $850.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Mariner's Wharf - SOUTH AFRICA
    68 x 63 cm Framed: 68 x 63 cm Framed Water colour on art paper Sold
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Welcome to my world!
    82 x 66 cm Watercolour on Arches 300 gsm with silver leaf $750.00
  • Helen Dubrovich

    Morning Kiss
    63 x 53 cm Pastel $750.00