Etu Bokshi

Etu Bokshi

Artist’s Statement

Etu Bokshi is a freelance artist/artistic hobbyist. He is experienced in illustration, both hand drawn and digital, which is also his focus when producing works. Etu produces ‘fan-art’ as well as ‘concept art’, mainly character and object designs. Because of this, his art style leans mainly towards a cartoony comic book aesthetic, similar to manga. Etu uses graphite or lead pencils, with the occasional use of coloured pencils, when producing his works. He also uses a stylus and tablet, along with digital/graphic art software, such as Photoshop and InDesign. However, the artwork, The Strangeness, that he produced to exhibit bears little to no resemblance to cartoonish or comic bookaesthetics. It is, instead, based on the short comic strip, Food 01, he produced for the Sydney Comics

Guild’s 2018 Anthology, titled Food.


Even though Etu Bokshi was born overseas, in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, he grew up in Sydney, NSW, Australia. He currently resides within the western suburb, Ingleburn, where his residency is also where his studio is situated. Etu attended both primary and high school in Sydney. Growing up, he was a quiet and shy person who kept mostly to himself, aside from the very few friends he had. However, his reserved nature also gave way to his artistic side; drawing things from his memories of early morning cartoons which most other children his age were also absorbed into, all the while being undisturbed. This also gave way to his desire to produce ‘fan-art’. He would draw not only at school, within his exercise and text books, but also at cultural stage plays, for the plays bored him, but he would always carry a pencil and paper to said plays. Etu decided to give artistry a chance when people around him, mainly his friends, a few teachers, and especially his family, being one of the artistic members (the other being his father), informed him that his drawings and paintings were great, visually.

However, despite being enrolled in visual art classes during high school, his artistry began to wane near the end of his high school years due to intense class work, assessments, and exams, especially the High School Certificate. After completing high school, Etu enrolled into a two year Diploma in Business Administration degree. Fortunately, TAFE helped him overcome most of his shy and reserved nature, but unfortunately, due to intense class work and assessments, his artistry waned once again, and even far worse than it did during his HSC. After successfully graduating from TAFE, he was successful in enrolling into a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree, at the University of New South Wales Art & Design (UNSWAD), formerly known as the College of Fine Arts (CoFA). However, the courses themselves proved to be of little to no help when it came to improving his art style, for said courses revolved mainly around modern art, as opposed to his more illustrative art style. However, despite the inefficiencies of the courses, Etu did learn new artistic methods and techniques from his peers, who possessed similar art styles, illustration. From there, he began to redevelop the once almost lost art style he had. Etu also tried his hand in free-lance illustration, something that a few of his university peers also partook in. For two major assessments at university, he produced a comic strip for each assessment, but, as mentioned previously on the university’s stance on art, both works were received with only pass to credit grades. Etu only recently graduated from the university with his Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours. However, due to there not being as many “opportunities” for artists (illustrators), where Etu currently resides in, he has decided to produce artworks as both a hobby and free-lance commission work, but he hopes to, and is willing to, utilize his artistic skills for more complex projects.

With Etu’s art style, aside from learning new methods and techniques from his university peers, he was mainly self taught; researching and studying various ‘How-to-Draw’ books as well as the occasional YouTube tutorial videos, during his lunch breaks at high school, TAFE, and university. However, even to this very day, he is experimenting with new or different styles in order to change his current illustrative style. Etu is currently a member of the Sydney Comics Guild (SCG), a Sydney based group where both amateur and professional comic artists and writers, and even comic enthusiasts, can learn, network, and socialise. It was because of SCG that Etu was able to curate an exhibition, Germinate, that was held on November of 2017, as well as exhibit one of his artworks for the November 2018 exhibition. Being a member of SCG also lead to Etu publishing two short comic strips, both of which were produced for two separate anthologies organised by the guild.

The works by comic/manga artists Darwyne Cooke, Katsuhiro Otomo, Mike Mignola, Osamu Tezuka, and Tsukumizu, were some of the major inspirations for Etu, when it came to his art style. Having produced a few comic strips, as well as being an amateur short story writer, Etu was also influenced by the works of David Lynch, Harlan Ellison, Hideo Kojima, H P Lovecraft, Junji Ito, Ken Levine, and Rod Sterling. Etu’s future artistic goals is to illustrate for children’s picture books, and/or novels, as well as producing ‘concept art’ for comics, films, theatre production, and/or video games. He is taking gradual steps in order to fulfil these goals.

Showing the single artwork

  • Etu Bokshi

    The Strangeness

    Digital Art

    42 × 30 cm