Anthony Van Lam

Anthony Van Lam

  • Artist’s Statement

    “ONISM” - A Solo Exhibition -26 - 30 November 2019

    'Onism' is defined as the frustration of being stuck in just one body at a time, unable to experience more than one thing or be in more than one place, knowing that there are a million things you won’t be able to do before the end!
    This exhibition also celebrates the launch of Anthony's newest swimwear and evening wear collections.

    At this event Anthony will showcase his own fabric creations featuring his original artworks translated into textiles. Utilising these textile designs Anthony is now launching his own unique and inspired swimwear and evening wear collections for 2019/2020.

  • Biography

    The stylistic, expressive paintings of Australian artist Anthony Van Lam are as tranquil and magical as they are profound. Working with mixed media on canvas or on paper, Anthony paints a range of subjects and explores how lines, colours, organic shapes, flowers, animals, and surface patterns intersect in unique ways to create form.

    With a background in fashion design, Anthony Van Lam has an excellent sense of composition and is able to place objects expertly in the picture plane, finding new meanings in familiar subjects by isolating them and manipulating forms in terms of scale, colour, and shadow.

    Known for his bold and colourful designs in fashion, Anthony's paintings reveal his true passion for flowers; immediately eye-catching, and encouraging us to find the magical in the everyday.

  • Influences

    From a blank canvas, I create backgrounds with mixed media and then let the conversation between the canvas and myself deepen.
    I visualize the artwork, and then by manipulating light and shadow, I bring my work to an entirely new level.

    “Primarily a colorist, my love of colour
    and light informs atmosphere in my work.”

  • Exhibitions

    Group Exhibition - Harmony
    February 2020

    Solo Exhibitions- ONISM
    November 2019
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Pyrmont

    Solo Exhibitions- ESPY
    August 2017
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    Group Show March 2017
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    August 2016
    Solo Exhibition
    “Observing Serendipity"
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    2016 March
    “Celebrate Diversity"
    Group Show & Art Competition
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    2015 September
    “Art Medium"
    Group Show
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    Group Exhibitions

    2015 March
    "Colour Spectrum"
    Group Show
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    2014 November
    "in the beginning"
    Group Show
    ArtSHINE Gallery, Chippendale

    May 2013
    7th Pyrmont Art Prize

    May 2012
    6th Pyrmont Art Prize

    2011 July
    Mosman Art Prize

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  • Anthony Van Lam

    Koifuscius 1 & 2
    46 x 36 cm Mixed Media Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Where Butterflies Blossomed
    90 x 60 cm Mixed Media Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Poppies and Butterflies
    120 x 700 cm Mixed Media Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    In love with a Lyre
    76 x 51 cm Mix Media Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Observing Serendipity
    76 x 153 cm Acrylic & Watercolour Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    The Falls
    Acrylic on canvas $695.00
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Life is beautify!
    100 x 76 cm Mix Media $595.00
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Save Myself
    91.5 x 76 cm Watercolours on Canvas $595.00
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Longevity swims towards Shanghri -La !
    76 x 61 cm Watercolour on Canvas Sold
  • Anthony Van Lam

    Dream Sequence #1
    76 x 51 cm Mix Media on canvas Sold